The Trekking Poles TrailBuddy Adjustable Trekking Poles are a great way for you to enjoy hiking and make hiking a better activity. Trailbuddy Trekking Poles is a user-friendly product for an amazing hiking experience.

What happens when you head out for a hiking experience? You walk on tough and rough terrains. There are many highs and lows along the way. It gives you additional grip and the much-needed traction.

Trailbuddy Trekking Poles review is here to give you a quick insight of what to expect from the product. Let us quickly skim through the features of Trailbuddy Trekking Poles.

Functionality of Trailbuddy Trekking Poles

  • Lightweight: TrailBuddy uses 7075 lightweight aluminum in these poles in an incredible strength-to-density ratio. Because of its aluminum frame, the TrailBuddy hiking poles are lightweight. They weigh only 10 ounces each, equal to a cup of water, so you will not strain your muscles.
  • Adjustable: you can also break them down as well as remove your hiking poles. They can, therefore, be set between 24 centimeters and 54 centimeters when fully extended in any height. Therefore, the poles can be used easily and securely while walking, both very tall adults or young children.
  • Flip locks: The lock on each pole’s shaft can unlock the way you detach or disassemble the pylons. A torsion lock demands that the pole be unplugged in many hiking poles. This often requires a little energy if they’re close to breaking them free. TrailBuddy poles use a lever lock that lets them unlock and secure rather than twist chains.
  • Made of high-grade aluminum: You will find that a lot of walking poles are produced with carbon fiber. Although it is lightweight and easy to transport, poles can snap on rough terrains in which you can put much stress on balance and support poles. Such poles are made of aluminum, a form of aircraft that is far stronger than carbon fiber and less prone to stresses.
  • Can be Disassembled: when you go to the location that you intend to travel, poles up to 54 inches are not necessarily the simplest to move. This pole will not give you this headache, because it can be broken down or dismantled. They can be reduced to only 21 inches so that they can easily fit into your bag.
  • Padded straps: A reinforced harness on each pole is available to help the grasp and balance while walking with the pole. With your arm looped, you will be less likely to drop a stick, so that the face will not get scratched.
  • Attachable to different surfaces: when you walk the underfoot surfaces are the same, it is highly unlikely. After all, a rain shower will give the solid ground a sleek and slender surface easily. They come with attachments that are suitable to those you meet to support you on various surfaces. You can walk all safely, regardless of whether your footing is snowy, icy, muddy, sandy, rocky, paved or dusty.
  • Reduces Knee pressure: One of the main reasons why many hikers use hiking pylons is to support them, reducing the pressure they have to put on their knees. Not only will the safety of your knees be good, but hiking poles will allow you to hold more in the bag while removing some of the weight of the body you are moving around.
  • Cork Handles: Cork is a perfect medium for producing handles from which these poles have exactly. This is a material that is neither warm nor cold because of the outside temperature so that the poles are easier to hold. They also absorb moisture, so if it is especially hot, your hands should be less sweaty.
  • Selection of colors: Although the case comes in one color, you have to select the color of your hiking pole TrailBuddy. There are five colors to choose from: Lake Blue, Red Beetle, Yellow Bumblebee, Green Moss and Black Raven.

Besides these, Trailbuddy Trekking Poles is a superior product with a decent price. They provide users with secure support when people climb up and down, more stability and traction as they walk, and they do this on almost every form of surface or ground conditions that you can think of.


  • The product can be disassembled
  • It has padded straps
  • The product is lightweight
  • Aircraft grade material is used for the construction
  • It comes with multiple attachments


  • Locking by the hand requires some practice
  • Poles make an uncanny sound while walking

Concluding Thoughts

TrailBuddy hiking pole is reliable. It just had to figure it out and adjust it and they were good to go!

The product fits into your baggage and is light enough to not change the scales at the baggage counter.

There are some buyers who were not happy with the clicking sounds that this product makes. However, the product is sturdy. You may need some practice to lock the pole. Overall, it is a great product and makes traveling and hiking easier.

Surely, without them, you are not going to hike!

You can use the walking pole for traveling and walking. You might have weak knees and want to protect it. It could be challenging for you to balance on rough terrain, or it would be more comfortable for you to hold your backpack. The TrailBuddy Trekking Poles can be of assistance for any purpose, whatever the case is. The choice is yours at the end of the day.

Many of the buyers choose this product for its durability and lightweight feature. After all, you do not want to carry trekking poles that are too heavy. This one is of ideal weight!

Choose the best one!

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