How Do Hydration Backpacks Work

How Do Hydration Backpacks Work

Staying hydrated should be on top of your things-to-do list. Water makes up 70 percent of the human body. Have you ever thought what would happen to your body if the water intake is low? There are severe consequences of dehydration. For a common man, at least 12 glasses of water are mandatory. If you are a gym person or athlete, the consumption should be more than 12 glasses.

According to research, your body loses two percent of water due to exercises. Therefore, you must have a higher water intake if you exercise daily. Hydration is important and achieving it is easier with hydration backpacks around. You can get a backpack dedicated to water. It may sound funny but these backpacks are remarkable for keeping the water content of the body right. This article covers everything you would want to know about hydration backpacks. How do hydration backpacks work? Keep reading to find out.

What is a Hydration Backpack

Commonly called hydration pack, hydration backpacks are water carriers. They are convenient to use and carry anywhere. It is a water bag that has a hydration system built-in.

How To Choose a Hydration Backpack

You do not need a proper list of qualities and market surveys for choosing the right hydration backpack for you. Here are some tips that might help though.

  • Keep your water needs in mind. Every human body has a different water requirement. The minimum requirement is 12 glasses every day. It can be more than that as well. Hydration packs are available in different shapes and sizes. Choose according to your water intake.
  • Make sure the hydration backpack you are choosing is durable. Do not put price over durability.
  • Every hydration backpack is not suitable for you. Some are specially designed for athletes and bodybuilders. If you are neither of the two, choose accordingly.
  • Examine additional features like valve and tubing of the pack.
  • Your choice can be based on torso length.
  • Youth specific and women-specific hydration backpacks are also available.
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Types of Hydration Backpacks

Hydration backpacks are divided into different categories which have been discussed below. The best type for you depends upon the activity you are involved in. different outdoor activities have different hydration needs. Hence, hydration backpacks differ.

Hiking Hydration Backpacks

These resemble the common backpacks a lot. The backpacks provide sufficient space for water, food, and other essentials you will need for the trip. They have different sizes that vary in the period of your trip.

Cycling Hydration Backpacks

The backpacks have been specially designed to provide comfort to cyclers. If you are a mountain biker or a cycler, this backpack will ease your life. For cycling as well as biking, the sizes are different. It depends upon the accessories you need.

Running Hydration Backpacks

Runners have a different water requirement. Their backpacks are different as well. The water reservoirs in almost every running backpack make sipping easier. Do not stop and drink from a water bottle with a lot of hassles.

The working of Hydrations Backpacks

The backpack has a hydration sleeve that carries the water bladder. You drink water effortlessly. Sometimes, you do not even have to use your hands for drinking water. A hose gives you access to the water via the reservoir through holes to the outer side of the pack. The tubes stay on your shoulders. The hose ends with a valve commonly called bit valve.

The Benefits of Hydration Backpacks

Hydration backpacks were invented to make life of athletes easier. It has many benefits and some of them have been stated below for your ease.

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Enjoy Convenience every time

If people call you a panda or a sloth, you must be one of the laziest people on earth. Hydration backpacks can make your life easier. If you plan any trip, make sure you have these backpacks prepared. The hydration backpacks provide maximum convenience to the user. There are no problems like taking out the bottle and putting it back in. Some backpacks also offer better drinking facilities like a pipe that hangs over the shoulder and you can sip easily anytime.

Maintain the Water Balance of the Body

The most important reason for having hydration backpacks is maintaining the water level of your body. Since it offers the users convenience, you can drink water often. Stay hydrated and keep your body in good shape. Water is the major component of your body. It will be balanced during hiking, camping, running, etc. if hydration backpacks are there to serve you.

Unstoppable Trekking

Stopping after every hour to drink water breaks the rhythm. Trekkers go in a flow and breaking the flow destroys the fun. Most trekkers have to take a water break every half hour. This is not a healthy practice while you trek. Taking out a water bottle, drinking, and putting it back takes about three to four minutes at least. The time is enough for ruining the fun and rhythm you had. With hydration backpacks, you do not have to stop and drink. Just sip whenever you want and go with the flow while trekking.

Your Hands Stay Free

Another important benefit of hydration backpacks is free hands. Your hands stay in motion when you have water bottles with you. Either you keep the bottle in hand to avoid little breaks or you take a break to drink water. Neither of the two choices is good. Hydration backpacks have pipes that hand over your shoulders all the time. Whenever you want to drink water, just sip. No use of hands at all. You are easily exhausted with the hands in motion every five minutes.

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Keep the Weight of the Backpack Under Control

Water bottles damage the weight distribution of the backpack. As soon as bottles are empty the weight gets unequally distributed. Your shoulders and back have to bear extra pressure and that results in pain. With hydration backpacks, the weight is equally distributed throughout the trip. Your back and shoulders are not under pressure.

The Takeaway

Hydration backpacks are a remarkable invention. They have made the life of athletes and gym freaks easier. Everyone stay hydrated with hydration backpacks around.

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