Hiking Meals That Will Skyrocket Your Energy

Hiking is an amazing hobby that is best enjoyed with friends, but can also be equally fun when done alone. When you go on a hiking adventure, you need to make sure that you store enough energy to last the whole trip. Is important to pack and eat the best hiking meals that will skyrocket your energy.

Meals for your hike

In deciding what kind of meal should you indulged in for hiking, you must take into consideration the health benefits of the food, as well as your personal favorite. There is no use eating all healthy foods that you have desire for. You will be a picky eater if that is the case. Choose a healthy combination of food that is approved by your taste buds. And for hiking purposes, you should eat meals that are high in protein.


Jerky is a popular food among hikers, as well as campers and backpackers. It is because this food is rich with many nutritious substances that will fuel your body with the energy need for the hike. A jerky has the perfect combination of proteins, carbohydrates, and fat that is needed to stay energized for the hike ahead. The best thing is a jerky is not difficult to prepare. Just allow some small space in your hiking backpack, and eat it without the need to prep.

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Trail mix

Every outdoor store sells trail mix in their supply shelves. This is because a trail mix pack is the perfect snack food during your hiking adventure. You can eat this delicious mix of fruits, seeds, chocolates, and nuts while you enjoy the beautiful trail. All the mixed foods inside the trail mix are chosen to provide you with energy to survive the trail. You will surely have a great munching time in the trail, and you will fell full during your hike.

Energy bars

Energy bars are perfect meal alternatives especially when you are too hyped to prepare and eat a meal. The delicious energy bars can keep you full and energized for the whole day of hiking, and they are very easy to pack. They come in different flavors so you will surely find something that suits your taste.

Protein pouches

Protein pouches contain nutritious and delicious protein foods such as chicken, salmon, and tuna flavored flatbread or crackers. There are also individual protein pouches to enjoy in the trail. This type of food is perfect for packing essential energy during your hike.


Oatmeal is known for its capability to provide energy in a simple way. A bowl of oatmeal is enough to rejuvenate your body and provide you with energy to complete your hiking journey. Though meals involving oatmeal requires a bit of preparation, you only need a pack of oatmeal and hot water to enjoy this delicious treat.

Fresh Bananas

Bananas are fruits that are high in protein and other nutrients. Storing bananas in your hiking backpack ensures that you have a great source of energy fruit with you. Even without eating a full meal, bananas can keep you going throughout your hike.

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Peanut butter

Peanut butter is rich in protein, vitamins, good fats, and calories, and it is easy to bring. A single tablespoon of peanut butter can provide you with energy on the go. You can even mix it with other foods like bread or crackers and that can be your complete meal for the day.

Fresh Apples

A fresh apple is a great energy booster. This fruit provides healthy natural sugar that you need in order to replenish your energy while you are on the trail. Fresh apples are also great to mix with oatmeal, together with fresh bananas.


Eggs are abundant with protein, and they are easy to cook and pack. They are also packed with amino acids and B vitamins. With eggs in your hiking bag, you can easily refill your energy anytime of the day and night.

Dried fruits and nuts

Dried fruits and nuts are the perfect source of fiber and many vitamins. This amazing combination is typically composed of mangos, apples, raisins, and bananas. They are very easy to store, and there is no preparation needed for consuming them.

Crisps sweet potato

Air-popped or bakes sweet potato crisps are healthy meals that you can indulge in during your hike. They are so much better than junk foods potato crisps. This kind of food can make you feel full, and it is light in the stomach. It is a perfect choice if you prefer not to add weight on your hiking backpack by brining pots and other essentials for cooking. You can simply eat the sweet potato crisps as they are.

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Tuna chunks

Tuna chunks may make you shut your mouth and not talk to anyone until you cleaned your teeth, but they are great as a hiking meal. Tuna is filled with omega-3 and it has loads of protein, which leads to making your energized while keeping your stomach full.

Energy balls

Energy balls are the solution to hunger and lack of energy. You can buy ready-made energy balls, or you can make them before your hiking trip. What is important is the fact that energy balls keep you going even on a rocky and challenging trail.

Noodle soup

The hiking trail can easily get cold at night. You might want to heat some noodle soup while you camp for the night, or have one ready in your thermos flask. A noodle soup contains carbohydrates and proteins to keep you energized.

Concluding Thoughts

It is important to eat a full meal before and after your hiking adventure. During your hike, you can feed yourself with healthy foods mentioned above. Those foods can keep you energized and full at the same time while you hike. You do not even need to prepare most of them. However, if your hike requires you to stay a night or two, eat full meals during breaks.

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