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  • How to Hike with a Baby

    How to Hike with a Baby

    Are you a new parent? Congratulations on the new bundle of joy you have received. Being a parent is not a piece of cake. It calls for several back hurting duties but at the end of the day, it is joyous and memorable. Becoming a parent should not stop you from enjoying vacations and hiking […] More

  • How to Hike with Bad Knees

    How to Hike with Bad Knees

    Research has shown nature to be one of the finest methods to release stress and anxiety. Hiking, climbing, snowboarding, and surfing are a few methods to get in touch with mother nature. What comes to your mind when someone says hiking? Walking up the mountains for weeks and discovering something new? Why does it always […] More

  • Is Hiking Good for You

    Is Hiking Good for You

    You might be thinking that hiking and running are different words for the same exercise. The lower body movements are the same but the difference is of the scenery. Well, this is a misconception. The difference does not just lie in the scenery but the entire exercise is different. Hiking and running are two separate […] More