A clean home is essential for the good health of your whole family. But, when you have pets in the house, it could not be helped that urine and stains are spread all over the house. Thankfully, UV flashlights are here to help you make chores easy around the house. This kind of product is engineered to detect unhealthy pollutants in your home. You can also use it in your office, or in your adventure in the wild. Since there are so many UV flashlights in the market, you need to understand your needs before you go ahead and purchase.

Quick buying guide

Making an informative decision in buying a new UV flashlight is imperative. Prices may vary, but you need to check a couple of factors first before you make a commitment to buy.

  • Budget – make sure that you allocate sufficient money for your purchase.
  • Brand – the manufacturer of the UV flashlight plays a major role in the durability of the product so choose a brand that is well-recognized in the industry.
  • Design – choose a product that offers an attractive design and flexibility. You need to be able to hold your UV flashlight safely with an easy grip. Remember to opt for a product that has high traction, so you can reduce the risk of your flashlight falling from your hand.
  • Life-expectancy – UV flashlights often do not last a lifetime. But you can choose one that can offer you thousands of lighting hours.
  • Durability – check the materials used for the production of the UV flashlights. Select a product that is made with high grade materials.
  • Reviews – do not underestimate the power of reviews. People who have purchased the product are either satisfied or not. Be subjective in your research and then decide.

Top 5 UV flashlights

UV Flashlight Black Light Tactical Flashlight

This UV flashlight is perfect for a night of adventure outdoors, as well as inside the home. No matter where you are, you can keep your family safe from bed bugs, harmful scorpions, nasty urine from animals, and other pet stains.


  • 4 modes:
    – High
    – Average
    – Strobe
    – UV light
  • High quality UV LED flashlight
  • Great for focused lighting and wide area floodlight
  • Anti-abrasive and resistant to scratching
  • IPX4 Waterproof


  • Small in size

This product is manufactured using premium aluminum alloy, which makes it durable and long-lasting. This UV flashlight is definitely recommended for any household.

2-Pack UV Flashlight Black Light, FOLKSMATE

This UV flashlight is perfect for any forms of inspection to detect contamination and insects in your home, camping site, or office. It can also be a good source of illumination that covers a wide area. You, your family, and office mates will always be safe from infections with this UV LED flashlight.


  • 51 premium ultraviolet LED bulbs
  • Excellent detection of stains
  • One year quality service
  • Durable


  • Does not include batteries in the package.

This product is patronized by many due to its durability and flexibility. It is attractive and sophisticated in appearance. It is highly recommended for any individual.

GearLight UV Black Light Flashlight XR98

This UV flashlight uses an exceptional 100 LED blacklight technology. It can expose veiled stains made by your dog, and can easily detect the presence of scorpions, bed bugs, glow paint, counterfeit money, minerals, and many more.Plus, dark room is not needed for it to work.


  • Efficient in detection with 51 LED lights
  • Can withstand falls or any impacts.


  • Not capable of detecting cat urine or wet stains.

This product is extremely durable and it is water-resistant. The aluminum construction is perfect for the longevity of service, and this UV flashlight is definitely recommended for everyone.

uvBeast Black Light UV Flashlight

This UV flashlight offers superior illumination and detection of harmful pollutants, insects, and pet stains in your home, office, or camping ground. This product is very flexible in its uses, and it is extremely durable.


  • Wide light flood effect
  • Scans the whole room in seconds
  • Larger wavelength of 385nm-395nm
  • Trusted brand in the industry
  • Passed the UV ASQ standards


  • Has a lot of fake UV flashlights mimicking this brand.

This product is mimicked by many scam companies because of its popularity in the market. The industrial strength of this UV flashlight is impressive. It comes highly recommended.

McDOER Blacklight Flashlight UV 100 LED with Ultraviolet Ink Marker

This UV flashlight is perfect for keeping your home free from urine, bugs, and insects. It can also detect glow markers, but this flashlight is not intended to become a toy. This is also great for your office or outdoor adventure. It is durable and designed to provide 100,000 hours of UV lighting.


  • Floodlight of 30 feet
  • Made from high quality aerospace grade aluminum
  • High-flux LED bulbs
  • Equipped with O-rings
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • High quality and sturdy


  • No diversity in case color

This product is highly recommended for its durability and superior functionality. It is safe to use and resistant of impacts and water.


A durable UV flashlight is what you need in order to detect harmful presence in your home, office, or camp site. This product can save you time in cleaning your home since you can easily determine which part of your floor or furniture has stains, pet urine, or insects.

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