A pocket knife is definitely one of the most essential tools that the human race need in order to survive the outdoors. And even in the comforts of our home, we can definitely benefit from the service of a pocket knife. This product helps us in many ways, including cutting food, opening cans, cut open boxes, hunt for a meal, defense from bad people, cut ropes, and many more. For centuries, pocket knives have been around and they continue to evolve as decades come and go. And now, there is an overwhelming number of designs and styles to choose from.

Quick buying guide

Before you buy a new pocket knife, you need to understand some aspects of this product first.

• Number of blades–pocket knives are categorized into three, which are single-blade knives, multi-tools, and multi-blade knives.
– Single-blade has one large blade, and this items typically has a locking mechanism.
– Multi-tools involves many small tools aside from the knife. It includes a knife, scissor, nail files, can openers, magnifying glass, toothpicks, saw, corkscrew, and more.
– Multi-blade has two or more blades for multiple purposes.
• Knife edges – pocket knives have three different edges, which are plain, partially serrated, and fully serrated.
– Plain edge can handle push cuts better but it cannot saw or do pull cuts.
– Partially serrated is a combination of plain and full serrated blade.
– Fully serrated can cut through sterner materials.
• Length – depending on your needs, pocket knives are available in varying blade lengths. The different lengths are very small, small, medium, large, very large, and huge.
• Types – pocket knives have different types, which are clip point, tanto point, trailing point, straight back, wharncliffe, pen, drop point, spear point, hawkbill, sheepsfoot, needle point, and spey.

Top 5 Pocket Knives

Victorinox Swiss Army Multi-Tool

The Victorinox Swiss Army Multi-Tool is the perfect pocket knife for any situation. You can use it for camping, trekking, climbing, mountaineering, and in your daily normal activities. It has an extremely durable construction and it is easy to carry. This product is manufactured in Switzerland, and it offers a lifetime guarantee.


  • Swiss stainless steel material
  • Multiple tools in one pocket knife
  • 49 functions, endless possibilities
  • Extremely heavy duty
  • Lifetime guarantee against issues with workmanship and material
  • Trusted quality
  • Case is made from ruby ABS scales
  • Attractive design


  • Very expensive

No matter what type of adventure you will engage in, this pocket knife is the best recommended product for you. It can help you with numerous issues.

Kershaw Blur Tanto Black Serrated Pocket Knife

The Kershaw Blur Tanto Black Serrated Pocket Knife is made from high-performance Sandvik 14C28N steel, which makes this product exceptionally resistant to corrosion. The diamond-like carbon coating of this product makes the blade more hard and resistant to wear. This pocket knife is equipped with a secure locking mechanism to prevent accidents.


  • Excellent edge sharpness and stability
  • Gorgeous blade coating
  • Fast deployment
  • Convenient pocketclip
  • Heavy duty handle
  • One-handed flipper


  • Handle finish comes in black only

This product is manufactured with extreme precision, and it comes highly recommended. You can use this pocket knife during emergencies, hunting, camping, climbing, and other outdoor activities.

TAC-FORCE TF606WS Engraved Tactical Assisted Opening Pocket Knife

The TAC-FORCE TF606WS Engraved Tactical Assisted Opening Pocket Knife is the perfect gift for a special man in your life. It is recognized as an efficient rescue knife that is lightweight and has very sharp edges. The best thing is you can personalize this pocket knife by engraving the initials of your man.


  • Professional craftsmanship
  • Includes a rope cutter, glass breaker, and can opener
  • 3CR13 Stainless steel material
  • Burl wood handle
  • Equipped with belt/pocket clip
  • Individually finished
  • Quality assurance
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee


  • Designed for men only

This product offers one year warranty, and it is highly recommended for an active man.

ForeverGiftsusa Free Engraving

The ForeverGiftsusa Pocket Knife is an amazing gift for any man in your life. You can take advantage of a free inscription that takes up 2 lines, with a maximum of 30 characters in each line. You can even choose your own style of font for the engraving. By choosing this pocket knife, you can express your feelings freely through the special engraving feature.


  • Sharp edge
  • For any outdoor use
  • Perfect gift
  • Made from durable materials


  • Available in Grey color only

This product is a special gift for a male loved one, may he be a family member or someone you are in a relationship with. It is highly recommended for you as a gift option.

Elk Ridge Free Engraving

The Elk Ridge Pocket Knife is a high quality product that is perfect for any outdoor adventure. It is also great to give as a gift, since you can choose to have it engraved. This pocket knife allows 2 lines of inscription with a maximum of 30 characters in each line. It is designed to have a brown Pakkawwood handle that is crafted with a black bolster and equipped with a leather lanyard.


  • Razor sharp edge
  • Elegant design
  • Lightweight
  • Free engraving
  • High quality material
  • Precise and sturdy construction


  • No diversity in handle finish

This product has a sophisticated appearance that will make you a proud owner or gift-giver. It is highly recommended for its durability and safety in usage.


Pocket knives comes in different shapes, sizes, and style. There are pocket knives that are multi-tools. And there are also items that are solely knives. Choosing the type of pocket knife for you or someone you care about should be made after the necessary factors are thought of carefully.

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