Are you an outdoor person? Do you like going on a hiking or camping adventure? If so, then you need to always bring with you a personal water filter. In case of emergencies in the wild, you can use your water filter to drink from any untreated water source or fill your water bottle with newly filtered water. Water is vital to keep you hydrated, and your water bottle is not enough to keep you hydrated for your adventure. There will always be a need to get more water, and often the source is unclean. Thankfully, water filters are here.

Quick buying guide

When you are ready to buy your own personal water filter, you must look into important factors of the product.

  • Brand – always make a selection from the top brands that manufacture water filters. They are top-rated for a reason.
  • Price – never buy a cheap water filter, unless the price is very low due to a promotion or discount. Cheap water filters are not reliable during your outdoor activity.
  • Portability – choose a product that is lightweight and easy to store. You will be carrying a lot of items in your hiking backpack, and it is important to keep everything light.
  • Durability – you can tell if the water filter is extremely durable through its physical attributes. But more importantly, you will know if the manufacturer is confident with the resilience of their product through the given warranty. If a personal water filter has a warranty of one year, then that means they are expecting the product to perform well for a year.
  • Design – of course, you need to consider your personal taste in choosing a water filter. Choose the one that fits your filtering needs, as well as the aesthetics.

Top 5 Personal Water Filter

Purewell Outdoor Water Filter

This personal water filter can be used to drink directly from the source of the water, or you can get water for your water bottle and use the filter to drink from it. This product is manufactured using premium food grade items, and it is certified by the FDA to be BPA-FREE ABS.


  • 0.01 microns filtration accuracy.
  • Great for emergency use while in the outdoors.
  • Filters 99.9999% of water pollutants.
  • Can filter up to 2,000 liters.


  • Quite small.

This product is durable and can last long. The best thing is the excellent customer service support, which is a huge factor to consider in purchasing any product.

Membrane Solutions Personal Water Filter

This personal water filter is maximizing the Membrane Solution’s innovative filtration technology. It is expertly designed to provide high filtration accuracy and at the same time keep a superior flow rate of water. This product is extremely durable and will stay with you for a very long time.


  • Four stages of the filter straw:
    – coarse filter screen
    – Polypropylene nonwovens
    – coconut shell activated carbon
    – hollow fiber ultrafiltration membranes
  • Harmful water substances are removed by 99.9999%
  • Portable and lightweight


  • Small size.

The superior durability and design of this product is an important aspect in choosing a personal water filter. This item comes highly recommended.

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

This award-winning personal water filter is perfect for any outdoor adventure. It is ultra-light, which makes it extremely easy to transport, compared to bulky purifiers. And this product is designed to have a great flow rate. This water filter is capable of filtering contaminated water worth 1,000 liters. It is extremely durable and made from high quality materials.


  • Eliminates waterborne bacteria by 99.9999%
  • Removes waterborne protozoan parasites by 99.9%
  • Filters to 0.2 microns
  • Exceeds the EPA filter standards
  • Materials are free from BPA
  • A sealed bag protects from bugs and element


  • Not ideal for sea water

This product filters water without the use of chlorine, iodine, or other common filtering chemicals. That feature alone is enough to make this product highly recommended.

Katadyn Water Filter, Long Lasting for Personal or Small Group Camping, Backpacking or Emergency Preparedness

This extremely durable personal water filter is designed to last for a lifetime. It is equipped with a silver ceramic cartridge that is highly capable of filtering around 13,000 gallons of untreated and contaminated water.


  • Ceramic cartridge can be repeatedly cleaned multiple times.
  • Effectively eliminates bacteria and protozoa.
  • Compatible with all kinds of water bottle.
  • Water particles bigger than 0.2 microns can be removed.
  • Easy to use outlet hose is clipped to the water container.
  • Features easy pumping mechanism.
  • Portable, efficient, and lightweight.


  • Very expensive.

This water filter is the only product in its category that has a lifetime warranty. That fact alone is more than enough to patronize this product.

Wild Peak Stay Alive-1 Outdoor 4-Stage 4000 Liter Water Filter

This personal water filter meets the standards of USA EPA for safe water for drinking. It is designed to provide an alternative method to filter untreated water anywhere you go. It is BPA free and has the capability to filter water efficiently.


  • Drink directly from the water source
  • Carbon filter of 0.01 Micron
  • Eliminates 99.99% bacteria
  • Eradicates 99.9% protozoa
  • Can successfully filter a maximum of 4,000 liters of water or 1,056 water gallons.


  • Product shelf life is only 5 years

This product is perfect for an outdoor emergency where clean water is not available. It is definitely a water filter that comes highly recommended.


A personal water filter is an outdoor essential that you must never leave home without. You need to bring one in case you need to drink water and there is no other water source but untreated water. Contaminated water can become clean using the water filters, which is perfect.

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