If you are an avid climber, hiker, or camper, then you know that carrying a lightweight load is essential in your journey. As much as possible you want to be an extreme minimalist who brings only the lightest essential in order to have a comfortable hike. If a camping tent is too bulky for you, then you should purchase a bivy sack for your sleeping needs. You would need to sacrifice comfort at night, but you can surely benefit from the ultra-lightweight and small item to bring for sleeping purposes.

Quick buying guide

Bivy sacks are popular due to their versatility and very compact feature. It is important to consider important factors when selecting the most suitable bivy sack for you.

  • Breathability – you need to choose a bivy sack that is made from breathable materials. Take note that condensation is typical in a bivy sack, so you need to choose a fabric that can better absorb condensation so you will not wake up soaked in the morning.
  • Waterproof – even when the weather forecast says that it is going to be a warm weekend, there is still a possibility of rain to pour. It is important to choose a bivy sack that is water-proof to avoid getting wet while sleeping.
  • Color – bivy sacks are created today mostly for emergency purposes. They usually contain an emergency sleeping bag, thermal blanket, and survival whistle. You must choose a color that you believe is suitable for your adventure. Orange is best for getting spotted easily during emergencies and a camouflage is great if you want to blend in and do not attract unnecessary attention. Select a color that best represent what you intend to do in the wild.

Top 5 Bivy Sacks

Vijoly Emergency Sleeping Bag

This bivy sack comes with a free survival ebook that provides essential information regarding outdoor survival. It is equipped with valuable emergency survival kit that involves a sleeping bag, survival whistle, and thermal blanket. This product is manufactured with sturdy materials in order to protect you from any outdoor emergency.


  • Essential 3 survival gears
  • 90% body heat retention
  • 120-decibel whistle for emergency callouts


  • No diversity in color

This survival kit is highly recommended for you since it designed to keep you safe. The sleeping bag can withstand any weather condition, and you can sleep soundly at night in the wilderness.

Wild Peak Emergency Waterproof Bivy Sack

This bivy sack offers you sleeping comfort when you are in the outdoors. It is a survival kit that you need in case of emergencies. The durable sleeping bag protects you against the elements, the thermal blanket keeps you warm, and the 120-decibel whistle is intended for use to call out when you need immediate help.


  • Multiple usage
  • Protects against bugs, rain, and other environmental elements
  • Constructed using mylar material 26um


  • Orange color only

The ultra-lightweight feature of this product allows this product to be highly recommended. The durability is an essential factor in order to stay safe and sleep well during the night.

ROPODA Emergency Sleeping Bag Survival Bivy Sack

This bivy sack is perfect for ice fishing and camping, and it is very useful in emergency situations. It contains a thick sleeping bag, emergency blanket, and a scream-for-help whistle. The materials used for this product allows your body to keep 90% of its heat, which keeps you from freezing into the night. It is made with heavy-duty materials, making this bivy sack durable and long-lasting.


  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Compact
  • Extra-thick
  • Seamless use
  • Can withstand tough weather


  • Camouflage only

This product is great for an emergency situation in the wild. It is quite easy to fold and store, and so it comes highly recommended.

new Hope Emergency Sleeping Bag Survival Bivy Sack

This bivy sack can keep you safe in extreme conditions while camping, trekking, ice fishing, or other outdoor activities. The orange color of the 2-in-1 sleeping bag/blanket is perfect to get you spotted immediately in case of an emergency. It includes 120-decibel whistle that you can use to call for help. The sleeping bag is designed to be extra-thick and resistant to punctures.


  • High quality materials
  • Waterproof
  • Easy usage


  • No separate emergency blanket

This product is highly recommended for you because it is capable of protecting you against rain, snow, and wind, even in the worst weather condition.

Go Time Gear Life Bivy Emergency Sleeping Bag

This bivy sack is perfect for keeping you safe. It is available in green and orange colors, which makes it easier for rescuers to find you in case of an emergency. This product uses an incredible para-synch technology to protect you better. It also includes a survival whistle and paracord drawstrings. Just blow the whistle and anyone within a mile can hear your SOS.


  • Warm sleeping bag
  • 120-dicebel whistle
  • Protection against the elements


  • Slightly expensive

This product contains a paracord drawstring that you can use for emergency repairs, and it is highly recommended for your survival.


Your ultimate survival in the wild depends on a bivy sack. You must bring one whenever you go on an adventure like camping or ice fishing. And it is crucial to buy a bivy sack that is extremely durable, thick, and weather-proof. Choose a color that suits your needs, and make sure to select a high quality product.

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