Are Trekking Poles Necessary?

Are Trekking Poles Necessary?

Trekking poles are essential accessories for an adventure in nature. They can be used when you go trekking or camping, and even on ordinary days when you just need assistance in walking. There are many debates about the importance of trekking poles, and the people are divided regarding their beliefs. The question is – are trekking poles necessary for you? Do you really need them for your trekking activity?

12 Reasons to use trekking poles

Let us look at the top 12 reasons why you should purchase a new set of trekking poles for your next trekking activity.

  • Trekking poles helps you move forward, uphill, and downhill with ease. In flat terrains, using a pair of trekking poles can significantly improve your walking speed. So if you are a beginner to the trekking world, you can keep up the pace with the trekking poles.
  • When you use trekking pole in your hiking adventure, you can avoid falling on your face to the ground when you slip. Sometimes, admiring the beauty of the untouched wilderness can make you so occupied, you will fail to notice a huge rock on the road or a muddy section of the trails. Even if you get in contact with the rock or the mud, your trekking poles can save you from losing your balance.
  • Hiking causes tremendous compressive force on your legs, feet, ankles, and knees. By using trekking poles, you can help lessen the impact of the walk to your portion of your body. Trekking poles can indeed help you eliminate the common muscle pains from long hikes.
  • Since you are traversing in nature, you can encounter many backcountry nuisances like bugs, spider webs, shrubs, thorny plants, and many more. You can use the trekking poles to shove away what blocks your way, or scare off wild animals by pointing or dangling your poles.
  • The trekking poles dramatically increases your traction hold. You can hold your ground while walking with your trekking poles in surfaces that are filled with loose ricks, snow, water, or mud. In trekking, a good and powerful traction to the surface is vital to your safety.
  • As you move along the trekking trail, you will possibly need to go through challenging terrains like slippery bridges made of logs, root-strewn trails, or rivers. With your trekking trails in both your hands, you can easily balance your steps and walk a bit faster. You can avoid slipping and possible injuries through the assistance of your reliable poles.
  • You can use your trekking poles to as probes. If you want to be sure of the depth of puddles in front of you, use one of your poles to poke into the puddle until you reach the bottom. Poles are also great to investigate quicksand or melting snow paths.
  • During your hike, you may come across wildlife like boars, bears, dogs, wild cats, and other wild animals. You can use your trekking poles to scare the animals away by swinging your poles at the animals, or throwing your poles at them .
  • Your hiking backpack is no doubt heavy. You can take very short breaks easily when you have trekking poles. What you can do is stop for a moment, and lean on your poles. You do not even have to take off your bag for this short relaxation. While you catch your breath, you can admire the beauty of your surroundings.
  • Trekking requires a good and consistent rhythm in walking. The trekking poles are designed to help hikers create a consistent rhythm during the hike. With consistency, you can eliminate the risk of getting injured on the trails.
  • The fact is, trekking poles are more than your aid in your trekking adventure. The poles can be used to build a tent. Trekking poles are preferred as tent poles because they are more durable and rigid. Strong winds cannot break down the trekking poles, so tents can become a safe haven for the night.
  • Many things can go wrong in a trekking adventure. You can potentially hurt your knee or legs. In case of this kind of emergency, your trekking poles can be of use by making them a makeshift medical splint to keep your leg steady.
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Transitioning from with-poles to no-poles

Trekking poles are needed to make your trekking activity ore fun and safe. However, as you become as seasoned hiker, you will realize that you are no longer on need of poles to assist you. Trekking poles are perfect for beginners and intermediates, but experts do have much need for them.

Think of your trekking poles as training accessories that you need for months or years. As you continue to hike for longer trails, your body can get used to the long walks and you can significantly adjust to your surroundings. You become wiser in your choices of backpacks, and the gears that are absolutely necessary. In the months to come you will learn how to handle uphill and downhill very well, and acquire the skill to scare off wild animals. You will also learn how to cross rivers or figure out the risk in snow paths, quicksand, and log bridges.

In time, your trekking adventures will teach you to be one with the wilderness, and you would stop needed the trekking poles. This day will come someday. Your transitioning is long and challenging, but time will come when you are an expert in trekking.

Takeaway Advice

Use the trekking poles while you still need them to assist you in your trekking adventures. Recognize their worth and use them to the fullest. Always buy a durable, trusted, and reliable trekking poles brand in order to take full advantage of their benefit. Remember that buying cheap poles can only endanger you on the trail. Learn the different ways to use the trekking poles, and take time to determine what kind of poles are right for you. Even if you feel like you don’t need them, bring them anyways. You never know when you need them during your hike.

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