Are Hammocks Better Than Beds

Are Hammocks Better Than Beds

Sunny vacation, relaxing environment, beaches, and peace of mind are some things that pop up to your mind when you hear the word hammocks. Hammocks do not usually strike the list when you decide to change the bed or mattress for the same bed. But as research continues, the relation between a hammock and a bed or the benefits of the two for the human body are being discussed.

The question is – Are hammocks better than beds?

In broad terms, hammocks are very good for the body. If we take a deeper look at it, hammocks are not just good but they are giving beds a tough fight. Now it’s hammocks vs beds rather than hammocks or beds. To be precise, hammocks are better than beds. Why is everyone stressing upon hammocks for sleep and beds are losing their charm? There are several reasons which can make hammocks win the battle but this article covers just a few of them. Keep reading to find out the reasons why hammocks are better than beds.

What are Hammocks

A hammock is a kind of bed raised at both ends which is made up of rope or canvas to give the hanging effect. The ends are tied to the trees or poles, the support varying on the type of hammock you have. The hammock has ropes of the fabric weaving to allow you to rest, sleep, sway, and achieve maximum peace of mind.

Are there different types of hammocks?

Yes, there are different types of hammocks available in the market. You can choose the best one according to your requirements. They vary in size, weight, fabric, and the purpose of their use. You can enjoy all the benefits of hammocks but you should have the right type of hammock first. Here are some different types that you can choose from.

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The Brazilian Hammocks

The thick type of hammock that withstands harsh weather conditions. These are best for the winter season because the weaving retains warmth and prevents air from penetrating. Want to stay warm in a hammock? Choose the Brazilian Hammocks to stay warm and enjoy the cold weather. They are durable and comfort is not compromised.

The Mayan Hammocks

These are hand-woven hammocks light in weight than the Brazillian hammocks. The fabric of the rope is cotton, thus, the lightweight of the hammock is guaranteed. You look like a cocoon when you rest in Mayan hammocks. There is one drawback that you need to take good care of this type of hammock because the cotton rope or nylon thread can greet molds.

The Nicaraguan Hammocks

To satisfy both indoor as well as outdoor purposes, the Nicaraguan hammocks serve best. They are woven in the double form to provide more comfort and the spaces between the layers allow air to penetrate. You and the hammock stay fresh every time.

The Quilted Fabric Hammocks

If you live in a colder climatic region, these hammocks might be good for you. There is a filling material used between the layers of the hammock and you get extra warmth and comfort. Spreader bars are present which makes it easy for you to go in and come out of the hammock. The size is greater than other hammocks and you can fit in with your kids or friends as well.

The Camping or Travel Hammocks

These are portable and extra lightweight hammocks that are best for traveling. Parachute or thin nylon is used to weave the hammock and you can easily hike with these little wonders in your backpack. With easy maintenance and durability, you can enjoy a greater comfort level. Advanced models of this type have storage pockets as well making the hammock more convenient to use.

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Hammocks; Better than Beds or Not

Now you know the major types of hammocks and you can choose the best alternative. Once you have the right type of hammock, you should know how healthy it is to sleep in a hammock rather than a bed. Some of these health benefits are:

The Best Sleeping Position Achieved

You must have misconceived that hammocks are not good when it comes to sleeping position. You may find it uncomfortable but it is not true. That position has been recognized as the ideal sleeping position. Hammocks would not let you move now and then during the sleep. The position is relaxing and you get sound eight-hour sleep. Your bed does not give you the best position to sleep in. you can move all night and still not get good sleep.

Improve Blood Circulation with Hammocks

Pillows do not raise your head in the right manner and your feet are straight during sleep. Hammocks raise both head and feet and your blood circulation improves. The better blood circulation you have, the better you can sleep.

Sleep Deeper and Faster

The hammock swings and you fall asleep faster. Have you ever noticed that a baby falls asleep instantly when you sway? The same phenomena apply to you. When you sway you not only fall asleep instantly but you sleep deeper. You do not move at all and the REM phase of the sleep cycle is achieved. REM is the best time because you are in deep sleep. Continuous movement on the bed would not let that happen but hammocks will.

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Improve Productivity

Sound sleep makes you more productive and creative. How? Lack of sleep or disturbed sleep keeps you stressed out. The stress reduces your productivity as well as creativity. Sleeping in a hammock gives you a comfortable sleep for eight hours which is best for having a fresh start to the day. If you are fresh and stress-free, you are more productive and creative. Your mind sharpens.

Prevent Health Risks

Hammocks improve blood circulation and keep the blood pressure and sugar level under control. Any internal injuries are also prevented. The chances of diabetes, hypertension, depression, and cancer reduce to a greater extent if you sleep in a hammock.


Hammocks only scare people because they think of falling off the hammock. Think about the benefits you get while sleeping in hammocks. Your comfortable beds fail to provide health benefits but the hammocks do not. Try sleeping in a hammock for a week or two and you will surely feel the change.

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